Water Refilling Station

She used to be a housewife while her husband drives a taxi (not their own) before they’ve become a certified micro entrepreneur.

Andrea made her first loan in 2011. She used this to purchase goods to start a retail (sari-sari) store. She admits there is little profit in retail store business in their area due to increasing number of competition. She tried another business, a water refilling station and fortunately revenues from the water refilling station is much higher than the retail store. Mrs. Andrea Dagdague is now at her 13th cycle with the principal amount of 78,000 and serves clients from La Trinidad, Baguio and Beckel.

“We try to refrain from spending and we save,” that’s how she puts it, when asked how she grew her business. Although there are also some challenges like people who don’t pay their credit from the store, or people who don’t return their water gallons. We still strive to make it work despite setbacks, she added.  We just make sure to maintain cleanliness with our water and our gallons to make our clients come back.

We can now give more allowance to our children, we were able to buy a ref and a Hi Ace Van, “Nakakapag-outing na kami, dati kasi hindi kami masyado nakakalabas” (We can go on vacation now, before we were not able to do so) she quipped.

Now, she helps the community by employing four workers, three of whom are their neighbors. In order to accommodate more workers, she plans to widen her business area and expand her business.

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