JVOMFI’s competitive advantage is its higher loan size and its lower interest rate and fees.


Types of Loans:

Regular Loan

  • 2.7% interest per month
    eg: Principal loan =Php5,000.00
    Interest for 5 months= 680.00
  • Five (5) months term or 20 weeks
  • Weekly payment
  • Individual Liability
  • 1 week loan processing (new member)
  • 3 days processing (re-loan)
  • Loanable amount : Php 3,000.00 (minimum)- Php 150,000( maximum)
  • Once a month meeting

Incentive Loan

Organic Agricultural Loan

  • Available for certified organic farmers only
  • organic agriculture loan of 3,000-75,000
  • 5% diminishing or 2.72% when converted to flat rate

Greenhouse Loan

  • Borrower should be a permanent resident and owner of the farmland
  • At least 1 year practitioner of organic farming
  • Has established market, member of recognized organic farming group.
  • Has capacity to pay based on cash flow.


  • Urgent needs of client for business purposes ( additional stock, equipment repair) or other family needs (tuition fee, health related needs, house repair)


  • Buffer for family emergency needs or family emergency needs
  • Mandatory savings of Php50/week
  • 7% interest rate annually on savings
  • Can be withdrawn during collection


Life Insurance


      • 50% Refund of Premium (after 3 yrs 100% return on Retirement Savings Fund with 2% interest per annum)
      • Death benefit or Total and Permanent Disability
      • Accident death benefit
      • Hospital reimbursement for vehicular accidents
      • Credit Insurance (Upon death of borrower)


      • Cancellation of loan balance (cancellation of loan will only be for good payers)
      • Reimbursement of paid amortization


      • Organizational and technical to improve business
      • General Assembly
      • Training
      • Group Leaders’ Conference: Once a month meeting

✩ We provide incentives for good repayment of groups and individuals ✩