Iron Works

A couple from Atok Trail, Baguio City, Florence and Albert Fabian, started with an initial loan of 5,000 Pesos. This helped them purchase a welding machine and pay for one-month’s rent for their business in iron works.

Florence has been a member of Jaime V. Ongpin Foundation since February 2007. She never misses her payment and maintained to be a good payer. She has been with JVOFI and now she is currently on her 23rd cycle of loan and able to loan the principal amount of 75,000 pesos.

Albert used to be a laborer while Florence was a fulltime housewife. Albert, gained his experience in iron works by working for other iron works shops before while Florence attended business management training offered by JVOFI. Now, they co-manage their iron works business and from a single welding machine, they now have a bar cutter, grinder drill and electric drill. They also started another business of making foot rugs.

According to Florence, they are able to grow their business through prayer and hard work. They have also grown their client base not only in Baguio City but also from neighboring provinces like Benguet and La Union. “Sales is good and income has doubled from when we first started,” she attested. Through their business they are able to help other people by providing regular jobs. They currently have three employees and she plans to grow their business more so they can hire more people.

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